Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money & Relationships on BlogTalkRadio today!

Is discussing money more or less important than discussing sex in a relationship? It's an interesting question that I plan to bring up today on That Black Girl Show, the blogtalkradio show I'm doing at 1 pm eastern today. If you know anything about me as a person, you know my conversation with host Corynne Corbett and her guest S. Tia King will be entertaining at the least, so you don't want to miss it. Click here to listen and dial in at (347) 996-3308.

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Ama said...

Hi, just must vent on this economy of scarcity we live in. Questions to ponder: why must the citizens of this country live in scarcity? why do the citizens of this country have to pay taxes from our wages and bail out banks? Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a branch or agency of the the US Gov't. It is a separate corporation which regulates all banks which controls all wealth. Hmmm, sounds like a monopoly doesn't it? Isn't that unconstitutional?? Let look deeper. If you need to buy a car, you borrow money and pay interest, if you need to buy a home, you borrow money and pay interest, if you want to get an education, you borrow money and pay interest. Why? Why can't there be another way? The citizens aka the taxpayer, must spend inorder for our economy to grow -- says who? Corporations manufacture goods to sell to taxpayers. They employ taxpayers to make those goods, and although I am generalizing, those corporations don't care if they are pollouting the enviornment. Obviously these same corporations don't give a damn about people. It's all about profits for their stockholders. What happened to the US jobs - went to China where they didn't have to pay taxes on profits they made overseas. No healthcare either; oh and salaries were a lot less as well. So, lay off people to improve the bottom line, then use the media to make the economy look good and brain wash the taxpayer to go and spend. Isn't it time we took a look at how we are herded into slavery under the name of living the American Dream?? Why do we need to spend more that we earn? I suggest we look more at the psychological reasons we spend. The short answer: we are dysfuntional human beings looking outside ourselves to fill the void within. That's part of the reason why we always 'need' something new. The other part is: we are creators - yes we are born to create, not sit in a cubicle working for a paycheck that bearly pays the bills, is taxed by our government, and then taxed when we spend it. Check out this web site of interest: http://www.everybodylovesyourmoney.com/2007/05/14/what-drives-the-craving-to-spend-money.html
More on this in the future. I apolgize in advance if anyone is offened by any of my comments.