Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talking love and money with black girls

Yep, I held it down. Took on not one, but two women in a live discussion about love and money, and of course, the kid won.

No, seriously, folks, on Tuesday I was in a lively discussion on That Black Girl Radio (become a fan on blogtalkradio) about the complexities of talking and managing money in our relationships.

We discussed everything from how your parents' relationship to money will affect your relationships with your partner, to planning for a financial future together to whether women really will go out with a guy with nothing more to offer up than a picnic basket. We also took live comments via chat.

Great fun. Thanks to host Corynne Corbett of ThatBlackGirlSite and S. Tia Brown, who now knows I'm always right! Looking forward to doing it again.