Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is it hard for couples to talk money?

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got a good start on your $0 Debt Challenge. By now, you should have taken account of how much total credit card debt you have, looked at your own budget and decided whether you're going to pay off one card or all of your credit card debt over the next 12 months. You should have found some image - whether it's your last bill or something you'd like to buy or do when the card is paid off -- that will motivate you to stay on task. If you're already credit card debt-free, you should be envisioning your next outlandish goal. Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing from you with you all with stories of your progress. Good luck.

Now for today's topic: money and relationships. On Tuesday at 1 pm Eastern, I'll be on Blogtalkradio talking with
Corynne Corbett of ThatBlackGirlSite and journalist S. Tia Brown, answering the question of why it's difficult for couples to discuss money. We're taking your calls, so jump into the conversation at (347) 996-3308. If you just want to listen in, here's the link. Be sure to tweet that.

I'll be as fair as I can, but mostly I'm there to represent for men, so ladies, don't hold it against me. I'd love to hear your stories and thoughts on the topic, so post away in the comments or tweet me @k_dot_re.

Have a great week.

photo courtesy Lucell Trammer


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to leave a comment. I wasn't able to listen in on the show, I had a class. But I mentioned on Twitter when I saw your question the other day couples talking about money. I'm not sure that you could see my response (as my page is locked), but I mentioned that in order for a person to be comfortable talking about money with someone else, they must be honest with their relationship about money.

I know that in times past, it was hard for me to bring up money issues. The first reason being that I grew up and it was hard to come by, so I didn't learn how to talk about money with other people. The second reason that it became hard for me to talk about money with other people is that I wasn't good at managing it. Due to that, I ended up with some crazy credit debt before I was 20 (okay, it was one card...but still). So, now I'm 23, I've paid off the card, I'm starting anew and I'm currently working to get my credit together.

I've learned that I need to be honest with myself about my money issues so I can be honest with my future partner.

Miss C. Jayne

p.s. - If you want to follow me, I'm on Twitter under MissCJayne.

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