Monday, February 14, 2011

The Absolute, Positive Best Valentine's Day ideas under $50, anywhere!

If you're doing the Valentine's Day thing, you've got just one weekend left to find an appropriate gift. Of course, the thought that counts, not the money you spend, and with finances still tight for a lot of people, I asked my blog readers and Twitter followers to shoot me their best Valentines Day gift ideas for under $50.

Lemme tell you: the answers were, uh, creative. (As an aside, I heard from a lot of you about the farce and commercialism of Valentine's Day. I can't say I necessarily disagree that the biggest Vday winners are retailers and there's certainly nothing wrong with finding your own ways and days to celebrate your love. But, uh, that ain't what this post was about. Besides, if it meant a lot to your S/O, would you really risk pissing him or her off for lack of a few roses and a card?)

Now, for the answers and the winner of the $55 gift code generously provided by CSNStores. I could put the answers into three categories: the quaint, the explicit and the heartfelt.

One woman suggested a "Recession V-day" with "dollar store wine glasses, candles, rose petals and a card"). Another suggested " a love letter. Seriously, a letter with real effort and thought is the best gift."

Might wanna cover the kids' eyes for this one: someone literally emailed me this as a suggestion: the 'sex sling'. Wow.$ the link or use your imagination.

But the winner was @evolve_u, who tweeted the following heartfelt suggestions and gets the $55 from CSN:
"Buy 3 pks of V-Day cards from $1 store. In ea card, write 1 thing you luv about ur love (i.e. "You make me blush when..." "I love how you..." "Our first kiss felt like..."; plant the cards in places s/he will find them... (e.g. in the car, under a pillow, in a lunchbox, under the remote, in the fridge, etc.) everyday leading to V-Day. On the 14th, over homemade candlelit dinner (wearing his/her favorite lingerie/silk pjs), tell him/her in person how much s/he means to you. Total cost $25: cards $3; candles: $2; food: $20; time: priceless; reward: ;-)"
However you plan to celebrate, have fun, and make sure not to breatk the bank. Happy Vday.


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