Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One day off..

No post today...planning my next issue of Catalyst. Back tomorrow. Meanwhile, send me any questions or good topics for future posts on the comments page.


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Mia6998 said...

Maybe a blog on Obama laughing. Honestly I was laughing with him because I get what he was trying to convey. It's RIDICULOUS that the banks think that taxpayers should 100% bail them out BUT it's also RIDICULOUS that Americans think we shouldn't have to pay anything to get ourselves out of the financial hole. Like the situation is so Catch 22, rock and a hard place that you just have to laugh...not hilarious laughter but the irony of the entire situation. I mean really...a year ago no one and I mean no one...not even those so called financial experts, not even my favorite Suze Orman, saw this coming and to this extent.