Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama's economic town hall

The voting's done and President Obama is set to answer economic questions online at about 11:30 AM. So far, here are the top economic questions that were asked:

"For students graduating from college and graduate school, many of us have obscene amounts of debt. Do you have any plans to help alleviate some of that debt, given the current state of the job market?" -- 4,719 votes

"As a college student, I am very concerned about the cost of tuition and the interest of student loans. What is going to be done to make getting a higher education easier for those of us who have to pay our own way through college?" - 3,196 votes

"What will you and your administration do to help make college more affordable for every American?"

We have been focusing a lot on relief for homeowners, many of whom knowingly overextended themselves. But, what about relief for students who are having trouble paying back tuition loans?"

I'm not sure if there were so many cost-of-college related questions because mostly younger people responded on the Internet or what. Here are some of the top questions from other categories:

"President Obama: What benefits from the stimulus plan are there to those of us who are paying our mortgages, but living paycheck to paycheck?" - 3,661 votes

Do you have a strategy for assisting the small business, to help those struggling against the huge conglomerates to receive government help as the big corporations have received?" 1, 134 votes

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Mia6998 said...

I missed the town hall because i have this darn thing called a JOB. Is there a recap of what was said?