Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before."

Those were the words of our president in his firs address to Congress, no doubt spoken to challenge the country to have confidence at a time of crisis. But the question remains: did President Obama's first address to Congress make you feel more confident about the economy?

If a $700 billion banking rescue plan and another $700 billion economic stimulus have yet to jolt the confidence of entrepreneurs, lenders, workers and consumers, will his speech?

After watching or reading about Obama's speech, do you feel any better about your financial prospects this year? Do you feel challenged to do something, and if so, what?


Butterrfly said...

What I feel most encouraged about is the fact that for the first time in 8 years we have a president who reads books right side up, who thinks strategically, surrounds himself with intelligent qualified advisors and takes actions with the intent addressing today’s issues while fulfilling a long term vision of prosperity. Last night’s speech was truly inspiring!

However, the fact still remains that my 401K statement is down more than 50%. As much as I’d like to buy into the fairy tale that Obama is some sort of mystical super being that restore balance to the universe, I do recognize that this economic mess we are in will require radical actions not only legislatively but also will require a transformation of consumer habits - as in the financial choices of every day American citizens. I can’t hold Obama entirely responsible for the restoration of our failed economy…. but as he continues to give these straight-talk-America-will-lead-the-world-again-its-up-to-you-to-do your-part speeches, I think or rather hope that Americans will really start to understand how their financial literacy and decision making is important for not just their prosperity and well being but also for the country overall. Financial literacy—patriotic? Hmmm?

Mary said...

I really LOVE the new president. I was encouraged by his speech and I feel it came at the right time. But at the end of the day my blessings come from God not the United States Government!

Mia6998 said...

I second Butterfly and Mary!

I'm a strong believer in what you put in to the universe comes back to you and the power of positive thinking.

Which means some days I don't watch the news because all the negativity gets in to our heads and our systems and it's hard to remain positive.

So I'm focused on my finances and every day I thank God for my may be small to some or even large to others...but it's what God has given to me.

I fully support Obama and believe in his efforts...we just need enough people to truly believe...put it in to the universe...and then his efforts will bear fruit.