Friday, December 19, 2008

My own identity stolen?

Nothing makes you check into your own finances like moving. From all the hidden expenditures you wind up paying out of pocket (I spent $172 at Wal Mart last night on a Swiffer, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, some Hungry Man dinners and a wireless, to the credit checks you go through when renting or buying a new place, moving requires careful financial balancing.

That last point, the credit check on a new apartment, tripped me up thought. Yesterday I came home to a letter from the credit bureaus, which they're required to send you after a company like a mortgage firm or landlord, runs your credit history. These letters usually don't disclose anything you don't know, but in my case, I found all kinds of things that didn't look right: delinquencies on accounts that I don't believe I've ever opened and scariest of all, a listing of a "known alias" of Keith E. Reed. Mind you, if I were going to use an alias, it certainly wouldn't be my real name with only the middle initial changed.

Seems I have some phone calls to make to investigate this over the next week. I'll let you know how it turns out. This is yet another example, for me, of why it's necessary to stay on top of your finances, and especially, open your snail mail!

On another note: On Facebook, I got some great responses to yesterday's post about what to do with a lot of spare cash that I thought I'd share here.

Charles from Baltimore wrote:
I wouldn't invest in a media company at this point. Nor would I be calling my investment broker. Hell if anything I'd be looking to invest in anything Obama in Washington. It's the only thing people will actually buy. Maybe buy some stock in EA Sports Software.
Electronic Arts, huh? Not a bad idea, since I spend enough money on video games anyway.

Charmaine in DC said:
I would invest...invest...invest! It would be in something safe, of some savings bonds, CDs, start an IRA. And of course, I would pay off all debt...go on a shopping spree...oh why start me up with this?

OK, Charmaine. I said a lot of cash, not unlimited! You can't do it all.

Amy from DC wrote:
I would definitely invest most of it, clear up my school loans and a few other debts, and then go and buy my G37.....It's amazing how if you would have asked that question let's say ten years ago the answer would have probably been different for most of us, but would have definitely included shopping....
More investing, less car?? OK, well, at least you can get a good deal on one these days.

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