Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Freezing the credit card (literally)

I got such good responses to yesterday's post about creative ways to avoid credit card debt that I had to post one today (in case you're not all reading the comments).

The best one was this: Mary from New York said that to stay out of debt trouble, she's frozen her card. But not the way you might think:
I put my credit cards in zip lock baggies immerse them into water and put them in the freezer.
When I am tempted to shop I let the credit card defrost in the kitchen sink, for the most part by the time the card has defrosted the urge to buy or the item is no longer there.


Not everything Mary does is that extreme, though. As a general rule she makes sure that if her card does thaw in time to be used, she pays off whatever she buys immediately, and she avoids writing checks to lessen the risk of overdrawing.

Thanks, Mary, for the VERY creative idea. Anyone have a more creative way of avoiding the debt trap?


Mary said...

::LOL:: Thank you, I am glad you thought my idea was good.

One more thing, for anyone who may want to try this... You can't run hot water over the cards to expedite the defrosting process... THAT’S CHEATING!

I advise that in general you try to refrain from excessive or unnecessary purchases but if you must shop always use a coupon!

Tonya said...

MARY!!! What a GREAT idea! University of MD at College Park's class of 2003 sure are foward thinkers. I MUST try this. I will admit, it sounds a little silly, but I can see the logic behind this metaphor. You are literally freezing your credit--what a concept! My cards are going in the freezer tonight! :)

--Tonya (Go Terps)

Mary said...


darkmuse said...

LOL, are you serious?? You really afraid of turtles?? How could it be??

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