Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to the Money Corner

If you read my old blog, thanks for following me over here. Newbies, here's an intro: I'm Keith Reed, a business reporter and economics commentator. I started blogging two years ago to share my answers to questions friends asked about how the economy, their spending habits, investing, saving and the like.

I'll take questions from anybody because I think there are few things more needed in America than more financially literate people -- check your credit card balance if you disagree.

Here's what I'm not: a day-trader, stock-picker or financial adviser giving out professional investment recommendations. Instead, this blog is a forum for your concerns and curiosities about money. I'm here to share my common sense opinions, informed by the hours I spend interviewing and interacting with entrepreneurs, analysts, executives and everyday people.

Hope you like the blog and find it useful.


Thesis said...

Son, you know I had to be your first (no Elton John). Wishing your blog nothing but success and positive influence in the lives of others. Keep it up brethren! Sky's the limit!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Loved your "old blog" and I am looking forward to everything that you have in store.
Product Junkie Diva